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【资环论坛77期预告】—The long path of satellite-retrieved Land Surface Temperature (LST) to maturity: recent advances in LST retrieval and product validationyabo体育app


资环论坛77期特别邀请德国卡尔斯鲁厄理工学院 Frank-Michael Göttsche 博士主讲,欢迎广大师生参加,具体安排如下:

报告主题:The long path of satellite-retrieved Land Surface Temperature (LST) to maturity: recent advances in LST retrieval and product validation.

报告人:德国卡尔斯鲁厄理工学院 Frank-Michael Göttsche 博士




Since 2017 LST is an essential climate variable (ECV) as specified by the Global Climate Observing System (GCOS). However, for a meaningful scientific use of satellite LST products reliable information on their uncertainty has to be available. The most accurate and established method to obtain such information is the validation against in situ LST; this approach is complicated by the fact that field measurements cannot be controlled to the same extent as laboratory measurements. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) addressed this issue by setting up permanent LST validation stations in naturally homogenous sites, e.g. on the vast gravel plains of the Namib Desert. An overview of KIT’s sites and the methods used to obtain in-situ LST is given and results from an international field inter-comparison experiment are presented. The ESA GlobTemperature project is briefly introduced, which aims at fostering the uptake of LST satellite data sets by a wider user community, e.g. by providing satellite and in-situ LST in a common, harmonized data format. The presentation concludes with results from two recently available algorithms, which are capable of retrieving LST and land surface emissivity simultaneously and thereby open up new applications for thermal infrared satellite data.


Frank-Michael Göttsche博士是德国著名理工院校卡尔斯鲁厄理工学院的资深研究员,其研究领域主要集中在遥感学科,研究方向主要为定量遥感、遥感图像处理和资源与环境遥感,已在Remote Sensing of Environment、Journal of Climate等期刊发表了33篇文章,总引用次数1500余次,Google Scholar近五年H-index为16。是Remote Sensing of Environment、Journal of Climate、International Journal of Remote Sensing、Journal of Geophysical Research、IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing等top期刊的审稿人。他还是国际卫星对地观测委员会定标与真实性检验工作组地表温度/发射率小组欧方负责人,承担多项欧空局科研项目,其发展地表温度反演算法已经在Land Surface Analysis SAF业务化运行。